Thursday, April 10, 2008

FKO: Day Two

This was the day- the day of Bards Without Borders! I wasn't nervous when I woke up, which, for those of you who know me, is really weird. Enthusiasm spills over and I talk way too much and end up physically vibrating! But I was fine this particular day, so we went down to the lobby for the restaurant's breakfast buffet. It was advertised as quite the bounty, but what they actually had was less than stellar. We did get to sit near the Bards (and we all behaved and didn't throw food!). This allowed us to overhear all the comments they got from people looking forward to their concert that day.

When we were finished we decided to head out and get the room for the events ready. The bill came and I almost fell out of the bench- it was our most expensive meal so far in the weekend! And our other two were lunch and dinner at Kelsey's!! Mental note- do not go back to the Delta hotel breakfast buffet!

We got into the room and the sun was shining right inside. I closed some of the curtains because they were making the light hit the table where the Bards would be sitting for their Q&A. They showed up and got situated and they had an audience of me, Joyce and Marianne. We talked for a while, then another couple came in, and then some more people (hi sue! Hi elizabeth!) and then some more people (hi marsha! dave! mike! laurie! and other's I don't know your names!) There were some good questions and Hawke answered in great detail. Cedric got a word or two in as well.

When the hour was wrapping up, Marianne and I went over to the dealer room to open up shop as Cedric took over for his hypnosis session. I had to sneak back into the room twice to get things (stealth-- there are other schools of thought.) When I returned for the remainder the whole session seemed to be going well. Comments from the audience confirmed this thought. By this time the room was boiling in the sun, so we kicked on the air conditioning (remember the comments in yesterday's post about SNOW!! Welcome to Spring in Canada!)

It was nearing the end of the hour and the concom people started dropping off the equipment for our video hour. Now, I'm a geek, but not a techno geek. I was so glad that there were 4 people setting up the a/v stuff. During this time the room filled up nicely and we were going to have a full crowd for the show. You know how I said I wasn't nervous before? This started changing when the video set up was not working and nothing was going right. Here sat a room full of people and I may have no means to entertain them. My heart was going faster and faster. I made some comment about having to resort to shadow puppets which got a little laughter. That eased the tension I felt a little, but not a lot. Then someone mentioned something about a back up system and thought's of Mal on Mr. Universe's planet dashed through my head.

In what seemed like the longest time ever, Sally returned with the back up system and got it all hooked up. We had showtime! (and I sighed the biggest sigh of relief *ever*!). My programing started off with a clip of the Bards performing "The Ballad of Joss" and after the line "... til all those crazy Browncoats rise again" I hear Hawke shout from a few rows back "AND WE WILL!" right in time with video Hawke! The clip ended and then I didn't know how to use the play station controls to choose the next clip. I pressed every button-- except the right one. Dave came up from behind, pressed the right one and the show continued. Good thing Dave was there throughout the weekend (hugs, Dave!!)

Next up was one of my Fisher Price Little People version of Firefly. Then the bootleg gag reel from the series. It was during this that some nasty squeezles must have chewed on the wires to the equipment- everything went white! I panicked! But that's one thing about being at sci fi themed cons- geeks everywhere! It took a simple thought of unplugging it and plugging it back in after the machine cooled down to get the show going again. I personally didn't lay a finger on the machine-- that's how inept I am at technical and a/v stuff. I 'd end up breaking it!

So the show continued with a fan vid of "Mal's Song" and other Serenifly stuff. My slideshow of "Motivated by Firefly" went over very well as did the world premiere of "The Fisher Price Little People Version of Serenity". We ended the program with the Canadian made parody "Mosquito". Lots of laughter was heard throughout the show and it made me very happy to have been there to witness that kind of feedback.

The group of Browncoats then gathered and went for an extended lunch. Marianne and I womanned the dealer room. Near 3 pm it was time for the Bards' concert in the main hall. They were pretty much ready at three even though the show didn't start for another 15 minutes. They did a"sound check" of "Whiskey in the Jar" that set the mood for the whole show. Not long into it though, Hawke broke hi sG string right on stage! (okay, actually it was a D string, which Tony - of vixy and Tony- pointed out, but that's not nearly as much fun to talk about.) While he adjusted his accouterments, Cedric played the funeral song from the episode "The Message." I have neaver heard them perform this before and I absolutely love Greg Edmonson's original on the soundtrack. So, naturally, it was at this time my con crud acted up and I had a coughing fit. Grr Arrgh! I hastily exited for the washroom until I could get it under control. (thank you sue for video taping the whole concert!!)

During a pause Cedric told the people who did not know what Firefly was to get in touch with one of us with loaner copies so that when the Bards came back, they'd know what the songs were about. Someone in the back called out, "Are you coming back?!" Cedric replied, "Ask Firefly Cargo Bay!" At this I called up, "Why don't you just *stay*?" Dave - the Bards' guide and personal bank for the weekend- was quick on the wit and answered from the side of the room "Because I can't afford it!"

The show went well but they had to trim their usual closer numbers. They ended with "Freedom Costs" and everyone joined in and shook the walls. It was great. Next up were the guests of honour, vixy and Tony. I knew I was staying for this concert too (as my poor sister dealt with the dealer table all by herself) because I knew not only "Mal's Song" but a few of Michelle's other tunes. Let me tell you, that duo took control of their set! I was pleased to see that the Browncoats that arrived to see the Bards stayed for this show as well. Immediately after it ended they all rushed to the dealers' room to buy the pair's new cd!

Next post- the evening of Bards Without Borders!
Until next time:
"Yep. That went well."

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