Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something That Makes me Happy

As you can imagine, I could use a little happy happy joy joy this week, so I'll post something I found on Tony Fabris' Blog a few weeks ago. This is a photo of Marian Call performing during her recent show at the Wayward Coffee House.

I love that shot! (as noted, taken by Graham Smith, and used by permission) She's really belting it out (and doing her YoSaffBridge Song I believe). What is great- well, for me anyway- is that very cunning Browncoat Flag behind her that decorates the stage. Gee, I wonder where the Wayward got that? (okay, no I don't- I donated it to them remember?) I'm thrilled that they've displayed it in such a wonderful spot.

So, there is happy happy joy joy yet out there in the black

Until next time:
"I'm fine! I'm...Giddy!"

It Doesn't Hurt to Have a Contingency Plan, Kaylee


You know, you try to do things by the book and wait your turn and be a "nice" girl... and ya just get screwed for it! After having my application for space in the dealers' room of Dragon*Con a mere 6 days after it was online, and I was STILL too slow! The room is sold out and I got the notice on Monday (if I was on the waiting list in January, why I'm being told in APRIL is a mystery, but I won't dwell.)

Some of you may remember the saga of pre-Dragon*Con that Firefly Cargo Bay went through last year. Well, it turns out that me having that spot in the Dealers' Room to begin with must have just been dumb luck.

I will not go into much detail here, because I'm still far too emotional about it all (FFCB is now looking at 40% of its yearly "income" vanish and I'm in full panic mode) but in short, it looks 95% certain that Firefly Cargo Bay will *not* have a booth in the dealers room of D*C in 2009. I need 4 other vendors to drop out- with enough time for me to get my stuff there- before I can have a spot. *sigh*. At this point I am saying I can not even attend unless I have a spot. Now, I'm not giving up the room in the Marriott I fought so hard for just yet though either. What does that mean? I haven't a clue. I need a few days to sort out all the options and alternatives, but I definitely keep you posted.

On a happier note, also in the mail this week was my Illinois State Business Authorization, so I am legal to do business in Chicago. Yea! Bring on DucKon!! And they know I'm coming. I could use a good con right about now. Is it June yet? 51 days! (but who's counting? oh right- that would be me. Back to work!)

Until Next time:
"Just once I'd like things to go according to the gorram plan!