Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off to Mary-Land

I'm beginning to think that a post is nothing more than something that holds up a power line. It certainly doesn't apply to this blog, 'eh? Another month has gone by and no updates.

Because I've been BUSY! That's a good thing for FFCB followers! Mostly, I've been pulling stuff together for various Can't Stop the Serenity screenings around North America. Want to know what I've been doing? Then head out to the Toronto showing or the one hosted by the Seattle Browncoats or even Whedonfest 2010. Actually, attend any of the 2010 CStS events and you'll see FFCB represented. This is due in part to my undying love for, I mean working relationship with the Browncoats: REDEMPTION team.

Incidentally, just as a FYI, the Toronto Browncoats have taken phone bids in the past on auction items if you've got your eye on that parasol signed by Jewel. Contact them to learn more.

Okay, what else.....? Oh! Shipping!

I have been working with a wonderful woman in the local Canadian Postal Outlet and she's helped enormously. They all recommended the card for small business discounts, but that doesn't help all that much- maybe a buck here or there once a month or so with what I ship. But lovely Jan analyzed *why* things were costing so much and was able to make suggestions. By cutting my boxes ONE INCH smaller they qualified for the cheaper price bracket, thus saving about 5 dollars EVERY SHIPMENT! What does that mean? Well, the shiny news is that FFCB can now LOWER its shipping charge! Yea! Win for everybody! Oh, and to my American readers; Do NOT let your postal system go private. You have NO IDEA how great and wonderful the US Postal System is. Seriously, I lived there 27 years and here 15 years and I still use the USPS whenever I can.

Also, I have solved the problem of things getting stuck in customs for over two months (do you believe that? Neither did I!). Turns out, all I had to do was switch packaging. I noticed the trend that it was only the Kaylee-Esque Parasols that were being delayed. I went on a hunch and changed from mailing tubes to rectangular boxes. Sure enough, no more delays. What customs has against mailing tubes I do not know, but now I no longer need to know. So, as far as I can tell, delay problem gone! Shiny!

I wish this was the end of the post and happy news just continued. Sadly, Jan was diagnosed with and died from cancer all in one week in mid April. That's 2 people I've lost to the disease in less than 3 weeks. Dear Death, you suck. ANYWAY! She was a good business friend and I will think of her any time I ship stuff out to you shiny Browncoats. She will guide your orders to you I'm sure.

So, next up is Balticon! with Tanya Huff as GoH. Tanya is a great writer, friend and all round lovely lady. She'll be wearing her writer hat, her musician hat (in the filk circles and such) and her crazy-hyped-up-cause-we're-at-a-con hat this weekend. Such fun! All the merchandise for the Firefly Cargo Bay booth is safely (I hope!) sitting at the hotel waiting for my arrival. Squee! Come see the shinys!

Now, I've rambled long enough. Time to pack! I'm putting more merchandise in my suitcase and I hope I have room for clothes. If not, I'll certainly be able to go through the security screening at the airport much faster!

Until next time:
"Yep. That went well."