Sunday, May 31, 2009

Forward Thinking

So yesterday was the big yard sale- the last thing I had to do in the month of May. Ahhhhhh! Time to relax! After all, DucKon isn't for another 2 weeks! No worries.

Oh. Wait. Half of my stock for the dealers' room is sitting in the storage room here in Canada. That means it needs sorted, counted, packed and shipped through customs across the border. That whole process takes pretty much... two weeks.

*SIGH* No rest for the wicked!

Back to work!

Until Next Time:
"We got a job to do, we gotta make good."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Update

Ni Hao!

Yes, I"m still flyin' out here! Been busy with little shiny things. I'm happy to say that orders to the Firefly Cargo Bay Secret Stash have been steady of late. Yea! And thanks to the shiny Browncoats who've been ordering. That's been keeping me occupied as is getting stuff ready for the 2009 Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity. Little shinys from FFCB will be in the goody bags that each movie goer receives and there are some one of a kind auction items also up for grabs there that came into their possession via me. Sadly, I myself will not be able to attend this year's screening. Big. Frowny. Face. So, hey, go in my place, will ya! And bring a friend, or two or three!

In other news, Dragon*Con has cashed my check for the dealers' room, so those tables are mine! Mine! All Mine! *ahem* sorry about that. No, wait, I'm not! *stupid grin*. I'm also starting to try and figure out the best way to get my stuff to DucKon. It's very mind consuming to try to get all your stuff to a show before you do. And allowing time for UPS to lose it (it doesn't hurt to have a contingency plan!) Fortunately, I do not have to worry about this when I head to Confluence in July, as I am driving to that one. (And please don't let the crappy web site, throw you- the con is going to be great!)

So, those and other little things have been keeping me bendy, I got the lights from the consul, lift me up, like little angels...

Until next time:
"Did (s)he just go crazy and fall asleep?"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Flyin'

The phone rang early this morning and the call made me feel like a goof. It was the dealer liaison from Dragon*Con. You know, the one I pestered so relentlessly for a week when I was placed on the waiting list for spots there. Turns out all that drama was for naught.

Yes, ladies and menfolk, we have a job! There are two tables reserved for Firefly Cargo Bay in the dealers' room of the 2009 D*C. I don't have the location yet (I wasn't about to ask for it when he had just given me the spots- I'll wait for a while before I pester again).

So, YEA! Firefly Cargo Bay will be working the hall. You have NO idea how relieved this makes me. Or, maybe you do. Anyway... SQUEE!

Until next time:
"of course, it makes us a target for every other scavenger out there, but that can be fun too."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Month Zooms By

Ni Hao! Welcome to May!

Things are a might bit calmer here now in the ol' Cargo Bay. I've had time to calm down from the whole incident with the Dragon (Con) thing. I was in contact with a lot of people there and it is pretty much just a fluke that I was able to get in last year. They were all very nice, but didn't seem as upset about me not getting a spot this year as I was. They don't seem to realize there, that *it's all about me*! Go figure.

Anyway, I've decided to go to Dragon*Con anyway. Yea me. The fictious husband convinced me that it would be a good marketing opportunity even without the table, and I may actually get a foot in the door for spots in 2010. So, Atlanta here I come (well, in September anyway.)

In other con news, it occurs to me that I never even filed a post FilKONtario report! And that was almost a month ago! Well, I got the few pictures I took back so I will try to remember all that happened that weekend and make a post *this* weekend. I have notes all about it... somewhere!

Since this is now May 1st, that means there is a mere 22 days until my Filk Over! Very exciting! Music, laughs, food, and really really great people all here for a weekend. Yea!

So, as you can tell, my mood is looking up. Things are still flying here at FFCB and I can't complain (I usually do anyway though, don't I?) Thanks all for the moral support during my crazy time! Better reports to come, I promise!

Until next time:
"Woman, you are completely off your nut!"