Monday, March 23, 2009

We're Official!

I'm thrilled to announce that Firefly Cargo Bay is now an official QMx retailer! That means that I will now be able to sell some of their shinys as well as the stuff I already have! This applies to the Firefly Cargo Bay website as well as FFCB booths at any cons we do out in the 'Verse. Squee!

The first product I have available is one I'm absolutely thrilled about- Marian Call's "Got to Fly" cd. This is music for Browncoats and BSG fans and will appeal to geeks everywhere! I was fortunate enough to hear her perform and meet her during Conflikt 2 and I can tell you, not only are you going to love her music, but she is definitely is one of us! My current favorite line from her songs? "I am better acquainted than a good girl ought to be with Aragorn and YoSaffBridge and Worf and Hal and Han;" Hee Hee!

Also now available are those shiny Browncoat buffed leather coaster sets that I told you were coming. I'm thrilled with the way they turned out. The sets contain 6 thick leather coasters that are 4" in diameter. They also come in a tin and gift boxes. You can find them at the bottom of the products page of the secret stash.

So, that's all pretty shiny news, 'eh? And the win just keeps on coming! We are now less than 2 weeks away from FilKONtario and I have more new filk-related products to peddle on the two (yes, two- I finally learned!) tables that I have in the dealers' room. Even if you came to pay a visit to my table at Conflikt 2, there are some new new new items that will be debuting at FKO. If you're in the Toronto area first weekend in April- certainly stop in and checkout all the fun and music.

Well, pretty happy happy joy joy for this report, no? Let's hope that trend continues!

Until next time:
"Yep. That went well!"

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We're in!

Just got he word today that Firefly Cargo Bay is assured space in the dealers' room at Duckon 18 near Chicago! Picture me doing the happy dance!

This is another con to which I've never been and it looks very exciting. It's Tom Smith's stomping ground and he'll be in attendance, plus, just announced, vixy and Tony!!! *bounce*bounce*bounce* Plus writer guests and science guests and more filk guests! *bounce*bounce*bounce* I've gotten word that some of my fellow UFOers are also going to be there. Okay, this is just made of win for me (I'm presently ignoring the airfare to Chicago as to not ruin my happy mood!)

Next up, though on the convention docket is FilKONtario the first weekend of April. And, believe me, I'm just BURSTING to show everyone there all the new shinys I have - browncoaty and filky. (They're words... now.) A mere 26 days to go! (again with the squee!- I love conventions!)

So, I is happy camper! *bounce*bounce*

Until next time:
"I'm fine. I'm-- giddy!"

Buy a Bard!

Yep! It's that time again! Time to bid your hard earned coin on Cedric of The Bedlam Bards to perform at your town's Can't Stop the Serenity screening.

The auction closes in just days, and as of this typing, he's already up over $1,000.00 US DOllars (and worth every penny and more!)

So- get out there on the cortex and get bidding!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can't Stop the Indecision

The Can't Stop the Serenity crew has posted the entries for the 2009 poster/shirt design. All of them are very shiny indeed! I can't decide!

How 'bout you? Get on over there and vote. I will once I can make up my mind....

Voting closes March 12... I'd better decide soon!

Until next time:
"Wow, Simon, that was very... historical."