Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Can Haz a Button Maker!

I am now the owner of a new-to-me button machine. Am I happy? Can't you hear me squee-ing from there? Why am I so happy? Because I always have all these fun ideas for designs and if I put them on shirts to take to a show, I have to take 4 or 6 of each size and hope they sell. If I get them on buttons they are much more easily transported. We all make out, because the customer can get a fun design for 2 bucks that they don't have to worry about how to get home, and I don't have to haul around big boxes full of shirts!

I prefer being fun flighty artist designer person, but if I want to keep doing that, I've got to pay the bills. Thus, I am phasing out the t shirts (at shows) and moving into 2 1/2" buttons... along with the bookmarks and fans and coasters and flags and all the other fun- transportable- stuff I already do.

I'm not sure what designs to do first on the button maker... but I'm going to have fun playing with it. Ya gotta love new toys!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from DucKon

Ni Hao again,

back from DucKon in mostly one piece. Con crud made me miss all the best bits of the weekend *pouty face*

But I'm back at 90% at this point and filling orders that were made whist I was away. What I saw of the con I really liked, but it was the first time I was not sorry a con came to an end. With the illness knocking me out on Saturday, and our room being 2 down from the 24 hour con suite I had no sleep. In fact, when I got home monday night, I went to bed at 8pm and slept for 12 solid hours! Total unconsciousness!

On the down side, sales were very dismal at this con. On the up side, I don't have to restock too much for Confluence. People just weren't coming through the room. I guess the gamers kept to themselves and I know the filk track was so rockin' full that there was no time for them to get ALL THE WAY over to the other side of the hotel (seriously- we were in no man's land!)

Anyway, I a m more bummed that my con crud kept me from enjoying all the talent and great people who were there. *sigh* They can't all be gems.

Well, it's 35 days until Confluence and we'll see how that one goes (and please don't be put off by their sucky website- it's going to be a great weekend!)

Until next time:
"This must be what going mad feels like."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stuff and off to DucKon

Ni Hao!

As promised, the new products are in the secret stash of the Firefly Cargo Bay. I've put up the attention paddles and the drink bottles that are both filk related. Right now, there are almost 20 sets of the paddles in my suitcase. I hope the customs guys don't ask! BTW- the full shipment of stock is out to delivery to the hotel, so YEA!

I am starting my DucKon adventure at about 6:30 tomorrow morning. All orders that come in from that point on will be processed in the order they are received the day I get back (June 16). All orders waiting payment will be sent out when I return as well.

So watch this space next week for all the fangirl blathering about my geeky weekend!

Until next time:
"I'm fine! I'm... Giddy!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Ducky!

Ni Hao!

Here I sit, just 3 days away from my departure to DucKon *squee*. My suitcase is packed and my stock is... sitting in customs. *sigh* Our broker (NOT ups!) thinks the paperwork is all straightened out now, so maybe it will get released tomorrow. It's in Detroit now, so it doesn't have far to go once it gets cleared (as long as it doesn't get stuck in a hockey riot or something).

ANYWAY, I'm totally psyched for the trip. (picture me bouncy!) My stock of Jayne Hats is healthy thanks to the ever knitting fingers of Ma Cobb. Plus she's supplied some of those shiny buttons of hers AND the new "cry babies". Everything else has been replenished in the stock, too since FilKONtario - including some filk specific items not found anywhere else but my booth! (Okay, until Wednesday anyway... I'm going to put them up on the products page of Firefly Cargo Bay's secret stash)

So, yea me! All fangirl over going to another con! But I'm not neglecting the business, by any means. All orders that come in to FFCB will be processed the day I get back (Tuesday June 16) in the order in which they were received. Gotta keep flyin' after all!

Until next time:
"Hang on travelers"