Monday, December 22, 2008



I'm only taking a small amount of your computer time this posting to thank you for all your interest and support of the cafe press and my other Firefly Cargo Bay web shop. It's Browncoats that keep us flying and make that signal go a little bit further.

I'll be back to ramble on in January about all the comings and goings at FFCB, but for now, just a simple, heartfelt...


Best Wishes to you and yours all throughout 2009


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Like Freebies?

It may be better to give than receive, but the receiving can be pretty shiny too. If you'd like a little extra Browncoat love, then head on over to Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe and order a Very Cunning Hat for either yourself or as a gift for that special Browncoat in your life. If you do so through the month of December, you get shiny free Temporary Tattoos that look very familiar.

Yep, you can get some free shinys to give away, or keep for yourself just by getting one of the best gorram Browncoat symbols in the whole 'Verse. Come on- you know you want one! Now's a great time to go ahead and get one.

Let's face it- Browncoats are worth a little indulgence!

Until next time:
"How's it sit? Pretty cunning dontya think?"

They're Here!

The oh so shiny patches I have designed are now in the hold of the Cargo Bay! And not a moment too soon (if there is such a thing).

Both designs are fully embroidered and measure a big 3" in diameter. I think they're going to look very cunning on coats of brownish color!

Each patch is now on the bottom of the products page of the FireflyCargoBay ready for orders. Although I have not sorted and labeled/packaged them each all shiny-like yet, I will send any out right away that are ordered. I believe there's a major gift giving holiday coming up or something....

Until next time:
"Maybe I'm santa come down the chimney. Give presents to all the good boys and girls. Then again, maybe not."

Please note that the image of the Serenity Disc is a scan of the prototype. I do not have an image of the actual Serenity Disc patch at this time. i have the patch- just not the good picture. Xie-xie.