Sunday, December 7, 2008

They're Here!

The oh so shiny patches I have designed are now in the hold of the Cargo Bay! And not a moment too soon (if there is such a thing).

Both designs are fully embroidered and measure a big 3" in diameter. I think they're going to look very cunning on coats of brownish color!

Each patch is now on the bottom of the products page of the FireflyCargoBay ready for orders. Although I have not sorted and labeled/packaged them each all shiny-like yet, I will send any out right away that are ordered. I believe there's a major gift giving holiday coming up or something....

Until next time:
"Maybe I'm santa come down the chimney. Give presents to all the good boys and girls. Then again, maybe not."

Please note that the image of the Serenity Disc is a scan of the prototype. I do not have an image of the actual Serenity Disc patch at this time. i have the patch- just not the good picture. Xie-xie.

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