Sunday, March 8, 2009


We're in!

Just got he word today that Firefly Cargo Bay is assured space in the dealers' room at Duckon 18 near Chicago! Picture me doing the happy dance!

This is another con to which I've never been and it looks very exciting. It's Tom Smith's stomping ground and he'll be in attendance, plus, just announced, vixy and Tony!!! *bounce*bounce*bounce* Plus writer guests and science guests and more filk guests! *bounce*bounce*bounce* I've gotten word that some of my fellow UFOers are also going to be there. Okay, this is just made of win for me (I'm presently ignoring the airfare to Chicago as to not ruin my happy mood!)

Next up, though on the convention docket is FilKONtario the first weekend of April. And, believe me, I'm just BURSTING to show everyone there all the new shinys I have - browncoaty and filky. (They're words... now.) A mere 26 days to go! (again with the squee!- I love conventions!)

So, I is happy camper! *bounce*bounce*

Until next time:
"I'm fine. I'm-- giddy!"

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