Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something That Makes me Happy

As you can imagine, I could use a little happy happy joy joy this week, so I'll post something I found on Tony Fabris' Blog a few weeks ago. This is a photo of Marian Call performing during her recent show at the Wayward Coffee House.

I love that shot! (as noted, taken by Graham Smith, and used by permission) She's really belting it out (and doing her YoSaffBridge Song I believe). What is great- well, for me anyway- is that very cunning Browncoat Flag behind her that decorates the stage. Gee, I wonder where the Wayward got that? (okay, no I don't- I donated it to them remember?) I'm thrilled that they've displayed it in such a wonderful spot.

So, there is happy happy joy joy yet out there in the black

Until next time:
"I'm fine! I'm...Giddy!"

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