Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yep, That Went Well

Ni Hao!

I've been working away like a little busy Space Monkey (of the non terrifying variety) since Dragon*Con doing all the necessary post con stuff when I got to thinking, "What am I forgetting? Taxes, inventory sheet, pay consignees, settle up business bills, process back orders.... OH YEAH! Post about it all!"

So here I am shiny Browncoats with the update. In short. Best. Year. Yet. As you may know, I base my coming year's product line and show attending on the money that comes in at D*C (call me wacky, but I like to spend the money I have and not the money I'm projecting i'm going to have... I never did get that aspect of budgeting. I mean, what happens if the money you *expect* to have does not arrive? But I usual.) So there are conventions in the future of FFCB, there are shiny new products coming in 2011, and we will keep flyin', pushing out just a little bit further, for another year. Yea!

D*C was amazing and the new layout of the tables is working very well. I've also requested a third spot for '11 and hope it works out. Eighteen feet of table! The con was also great because I made more new business contacts and thus began the process of increasing the product I carry. I've currently got 3 new suppliers of shiny 'Verse related goodies working on deals with me. Then there is still the matter of the new products that are stuck in my mind begging to be made. They WILL be a part of the '11 product line.

So, yeah, good all around. And it's always nice to see so many people when I go to cons. I'm actually recognizing faces sometimes too, which is shiny. And the comments and reactions I hear about the stuff at the booth really help me. My job has me, at my computer and dealing with people only on the internet. I have no idea who is looking at my stuff, what they think of it, or how it makes them feel. Hearing and seeing people reassures me that, no, I'm not just doing this for myself. Other people get it.

For that and your continued interest in this little endeavor, I thank you. Sincerely.

Now I'm going to go before I get all mushy. ;)

Until next time:
"You call that 'going well'?"

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