Monday, January 7, 2008

And It's Away!

Well, I've trusted Canada Posts' "Moose Mail" once again, but this time got the option with "notification of delivery" or whatever their official term is for it.

What I've put in their hands is my application for a table in the dealer room at the 2008 Dragon*Con. Those of you familiar with D*C will know why I am so excited about the potential of having a spot in the dealer room. For those of you who don't know, Dragon*Con is a 4 day scifi convention that takes over Atlanta Georgia every Labo(u)r Day Weekend. It spans 3 host hotels and has about 40,000 attendees. (Yes, I typed that number in correctly)

Even if I don't get a spot in the dealer room, I'm goin!!! I've decided that already. I will do my best to represent the Browncoats of Canada in whatever small fashion I am able. And to think, only 234 days left until all the fun and craziness starts!
yea me!

Until next time:
"Well, then, this is a day I'll be glad to be me."

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