Monday, February 18, 2008

Y'all Gonna Be Here When I Wake Up?

Thanks all, for checking back in to the blog in my loooong absence of posting.

I've been wanting to make a post, but I've been waiting to make some BIG exciting announcements. I couldn't let them go public until they were official, and thus, I didn't post. It's so hard keeping a secret! Especially one this much fun!

Well, at least one of the big things I've been doing behind the scenes has been made official and can be announced: THE BARDS ARE COMING! THE BARDS ARE COMING! That's right, my goal of bringing the very Brownish sounds of the Bedlam Bards to Canada for a show/concert/shindig has come together much faster than I anticipated. Yea!

Thanks to the good folks at FilKONtario, the Bards have been added to their already impressive guest list for the 2008 convention. Come out to the Delta Toronto Airport West Hotel for 3 days of fun, filk and all sorts of musical scifi adventures. This year's con is being held April 4-6 and can be enjoyed by purchasing a 3 day event membership, or a Saturday-only membership, depending on your personal preferences.

More information can be found at their official website: Please note that there is currently no mention of the Bedlam Bards or the Saturday-only membership at this time. This is because we got the Bards on the list LITERALLY at the last minute. I expect as the con gets closer, the web site and progress report pages will be updated with the latest information of the Browncoat nature.

I encourage you to get your tickets early, as early registration prices end in early March and the hotel room block will be released at that time. Any questions you have will be answered by emailing the organizers- trust me, they're very good at getting back to you in a timely fashion, those folk.

I have begun putting together a small crew to also make the even more Browncoaty with 'Verse related ideas and special side features. Unfortunately, at this time I can not share any of those plans :( Gotta wait until everything is official, you know. But for any and all updates to the Bards' appearances during FilKONtario, watch this blog! Anything that gets in the semi-official category will be posted here.

As for my other exciting news I've been wanting to post about.... you still have to wait. Nothing's finalized there either. Oh, I'm *so* bad at waiting!

So, until next time
"It's better than just sitting"
"It IS just sitting"

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