Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serenity Forever- Equality Now!

Just a shout out to all who attended a Can't Stop the Serenity screening to benefit Equality Now in *any* city world wide. Our local Toronto event was, once again a big success (they ran out of tickets!!) I was proud to be able to sponsor the day in part and found my donation of the 4X6 Browncoat Flags for the goody bags came in handy at auction time- people were waving them to indicate that they wanted to bid! (That was my master plan all along- HA!)

The one-and-only-in-the-whole-'Verse item I donated for the auction fetched a shiny $350.00- and that's in Canadian funds so it's worth more than in US money (lol)! I made Mr. Bandito- the winning bidder- swear to me that he would not put it up on ebay or anything, so you'll have to wait until I get my pictures before you see it. I was very proud of its performance and wondered allowed what I could donate next year to top it. I was told I'd have to bring Nathan Fillion himself! Boy, would THAT be fun to try!!!

So a brief post here just to say a big thank you. The TO BCs are still counting all the cashy money, so we don't have a total yet on what our part was in the world wide effort. I know locally we topped last year's efforts. Watch the main Can't Stop the Serenity board for all the participating city's take.

I will post more when I shift gears. CStS is now behind us and I need to get my gorram buttocks in order for Polaris. Firefly Cargo Bay will be in the dealers' room with lots of shiny wares... some never seen anywhere before! Come check us out on July 11- 13 in Toronto . Browncoats will be a plenty!

Until next time:
"Yep. That went well."

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