Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Countdown to Polaris

Ni Hao!

Well, now that the yearly Can't Stop the Serenity showing here in Toronto is behind us until 2009, it is time for the Firefly Cargo Bay to look towards our next show . We have gotten word that our booth is located at table B7. That means you walk into the main doors of the dealer room, head straight for the back wall and turn right. We'll be a few tables down the aisle on the left side. You'll be able to spot us pretty easily- -we'll be the only booth with five variations of the Browncoat Flag !

If this location changes, I will certainly post it here. I will do the same for any other changes or updates that may take place between now and July 11th when the show opens.

NOW: I have not forgotten about the "one new product a month" goal for 2008. I do have new products to put on the Firefly Cargo Bay website to fall in line with that, I just haven't been able to get pictures of them up yet!

Let's recap the year so far (if I can remember all the new shinys)
January: the Companion Fan
February: the Kaylee-esque parasol
March: Black Market Beagle Bobble Heads
April: the Bedlam Bards' cd "On the Drift"
May brought both the Done the Impossible dvd and cd

And then June when whooshing by. Although I do not have them up on the site yet, I will spoil the surprise for you (surprise? I didn't mention anything for a whole month!)

The latest product(s) in the Firefly Cargo Bay are keychains! One has a little mutant guy saying "Grrr Arrggh", another has the "chain of command" line from Jayne on it, and another looks like a little Wash shirt! All are available for $2.00 (plus shipping) each. As for what they look like... well, I do have to get them out for Polaris, so I'l lbe sure to photograph them then!

And, then that brings us to July's new product!

Nope, no spoilers here! If you want to see it early, you'll just have to come out to Polaris and find me in the dealer room!

Until next time:
"Well, that makes you sort of a tease then!"

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