Thursday, July 17, 2008

Polaris: The Smoke has Cleared

Thank you to all who came out to have a gorram good time at Polaris 22 and congrats on surviving the Inferno...3 times!

Sales at the booth were steady and better than expected which is good and bad. The good is that the more sales I have the longer I can keep flyin and the more new, different and shiny merchandise I can make and offer. The bad is that some of my stock is really quite depleted. Not shiny.

I did sell out of the Companion Fans, but I saw this coming. When Monday rolled around our favorite UPS driver dropped off a box of 2 dozen of them from my suppler ready for painting. That's the good. The not so good is that they are not exactly like my first batch. :( Oh, they're nice and all that- the fabric patterns are different- not ugly or anything just different. That' really not a major problem, but I liked my very first type the very best and now I don't even have one (I sold my display.) It's okay... I'll get over it.

What I didn't see coming is a total sell out of my stock of Kaylee-Esque parasols! Wow! How shiny was that? So instantly I plopped my self down to order more from my supplier so I could paint them up for Dragon*Con . Word of advice; never try to order white paper parasols in high wedding season! Three suppliers- all out. "Check back in September" I was told. Major downer....

On the upside,one of those parasols went to a Kaylee who was entered in the masquerade. Here she is in full shininess!

Also on the up-ness was the addition of new Browncoat and Dr. Who shirts provided by Geek2Chic Custom Tees. These were very well received (as well they should be because they are pretties!) and as you read this the team is hard at work printing lots more for Dragon*Con. You really need to come check out all the new shinys!

There was lots more in the crates of the Firefly Cargo Bay booth. Ma Cobb dropped off some more of her very cunning hats (of which we sold out) and some new Mini Jayne hats (of which we also sold out). She's knitting her little fingers to the bone to have more for the big D*C, so don't worry- we'll have them for you! (That's one of hers on the little girl in the above picture) And we'll also have some Itty Bitty Jayne hats that fit perfectly on little goslings that can be juggled! They also serve as nice pins if you don't happen to be one of those people who juggle geese.

July's product of the month was premired at Polaris too. I now have in the shop "Very Fine Badger Hats". That's right, now all you businessmen with roots in the community can wear your own very fine hat like Badger. I did. All weekend! They are offered for $10.00 plus shipping and are now in the Firefly Cargo Bay on the products page. Here's a peek:

So, there you are- all caught up on what's going on here. I'll be reorganizing the stock we have and making room for the new stuff in the next couple of weeks to make sure it all gets to Dragon*Con. I hope to see you there!

Until next time:
"I may not be a fancy gentleman like yourself with your very fine hat, but I do business. We're here for business."

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