Monday, February 23, 2009

New Stuff! New Stuff! New Stuff!

Hey! Guess what? Oh...wait, I gave it away in the title, didn't I? *sigh*

ANYWAY! There are new shinys just put in the hold of the Firefly Cargo Bay! The first is one I've been talking about for a while now. I've finished the first of the Firefly Rag Dolls. As you may recall, I had been debating which Big Damn Hero to choose as my first cute and cuddle version. What made the final decision was the trip to the fabric store. I pillaged the remnant bin with the crew in my mind and pulled out any material that would work for any of their outfits. The best bit came when I paid for them- turns out it was buy one get one free so... SHINY!

So the very first of my Firefly Rag Dolls turned out to be "You're-Gonna-Come-with-Us Kaylee" complete with flip flops and paper parasol! I'm listing them at $15.00 without the doll stand.

Another new item was a surprise. These parts just hit me as I passed the clearance section in the craft store, and they became the Serenity Necklace. Each pendant has the Chinese Serenity hand inked on the red shell disc. The hand strung beaded cord is about 20" in length and held fast with a twist clasp. They retail for $12.00.

The final item isn't exactly stored away yet, but rather they're in production. I'm giving you a sneak peak of them here, because A) I'm really excited about them and 2) I can! they are a set of 6 buffed leather drink coaters with the image "branded" on them. They do come in this shiny (literally!) tin and a gift box. I should have the actual items in my hands before FilKONtario and they will be at the Firefly Cargo Bay booth!

There will also be new new new shinys at the FKO event too especially for filkers, but I'm not spoiling those surprises yet!

Until next time:
"Oh! Look at al the pretties!"

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