Friday, February 6, 2009

Conflikt 2: Day 2

The second day of Conflikt 2 was actually my third day there and the fullest by far. I was up early again, showered and then called home. Very chatty, my homelings were, but that's okay as the dealers' room didn't open until 10. That was 1 PM on my internal clock! I then went and got breakfast and strolled casually to the dealer's room door. There I found Julesong at the reg desk and we had a chance to talk in person for the first time, although we've know of each other for 3 years now. She joined me at my booth which was fun.

Then time for the brunch came and the dealers were left staring at each other for 90 minutes or more. I mentioned to the Con Chair that the dealers' room could be shut for the entire brunch and it would hurt no one. Look for that possibly next year. After the brunch Julessong returned to visit with me and the time went fast. She even invited to take me to the Wayward Coffee House before the weekend was through. *SQUEE!* But more on that later.

During the brunch I was able to complete the bodies for 2 1/2 of those Firefly Rag Dolls that are in the works. I'm going to write on them that they were constructed at Conflikt 2, so... well, just cause I want to.

At 2:30ish vixy came in to pick up her complimentary shirt. She also bought a few other items from the table and left me with the comment of "You're awesome." Coming from a talent like her? Well, I will store that in my memory bank for when I'm having a down-on-myself day. *grin*

The concerts in the afternoon sounded really good from what I could here- the music was wonderful, but airwalls muffle lyrics. There were slow times that I was able to pop in next door and hear the performances proper. Much like the Friday night concert by Puzzlebox, the shows by Randy Hoffman, Mark Berstein and interfilk guest Laurence Dean made me want to spend more time on the concert side of the airwall. I resisted attempting to open the door that was right behind my table and connected to the stage. At least I got to hear the gist of the shows, and I was so glad that all of them did bits in all of the open filks, too.

The dealers' room closed a little later than expected, but the night's concerts got pushed back an hour, so I was able to close up and do the books and try to get some food. I ended up not getting food, but getting McDonald's instead, but it was enough to keep me from going into shakes or passing out during the shows. I even ended up serving a "bouncer" for the banquet hall, helping to keep people out while they were doing the sound checks.

I guess because of this- and Julessong reserving herself a seat and me keifing the one next to it- I had a front row seat for Marian Call's concert. O!M!G! What a voice! And she's a geek too! Amazing. Browncoats: BUY HER CD!!!!! You will not be sorry in the least. I think my favorite song was Good Old Girl which is about, among other things, Serenity (the ship, not the movie or the state of being or the 2 hour pilot or the adult diaper). And saying that's my favorite one was tough because all the songs she did were great. She's wonderful.

She's also a really cool person, as is her husband. I got to talk to each of them for a *very* little bit after the performance, which was nice for me. I hope to cross paths with her again sometime soon. Because of talking with her, I did miss the concert of toastmaster Frank Hayes. This makes me sad, as he seems like a funny guy and I would have loved to hear his full show. I did get to hear him sing in the open filks a bit, but what I heard more was him getting lovingly abused for his habit of forgetting his own stuff. By the end of the weekend, I had found inspiration from this for a new design. I will post it when it's finished.

I was back in the music hall for Seanan McGuire's sound engineer's nightmare. I jest, as did everyone on stage, about the complexities of getting the sound levels right for more than 7 people on a concert stage. The show was fun and energetic and during this time two of my most favorite things of the night happened. The first was vixy's comment of "Apparently I'm dead. This is really going to ruin my sex life!" The second was the enormous reaction of the crowd to the announcement of "We are now an official con- the hotel elevator is broken!"

Since everything started late, it was midnight by the time the shows were over. This led to a late open filk. I think Saturday's filk was the most enjoyable I have attended to date. Some favorite moments? Brooke Lunderville's song about extraterrestrials stealing all the vegetables" and Tony's comment of "Songs keep the zombies away" (there's a filk in there somewhere- not too far!). Randy Hoffman had a great song I want to hear again about leaving 'em with a laugh- funny filk songs. I hope he'll do it again at either FKO or Confluence.

There were so many more good points to Saturday night.. or actually Sunday morning, that I can't list them here.. I finally left at 4 Am (I heard it went on until 6!) By the time I got to my room, the con suite door was closed. No worries about *them* keeping * me* up this night!

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