Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Ducky!

Ni Hao!

Here I sit, just 3 days away from my departure to DucKon *squee*. My suitcase is packed and my stock is... sitting in customs. *sigh* Our broker (NOT ups!) thinks the paperwork is all straightened out now, so maybe it will get released tomorrow. It's in Detroit now, so it doesn't have far to go once it gets cleared (as long as it doesn't get stuck in a hockey riot or something).

ANYWAY, I'm totally psyched for the trip. (picture me bouncy!) My stock of Jayne Hats is healthy thanks to the ever knitting fingers of Ma Cobb. Plus she's supplied some of those shiny buttons of hers AND the new "cry babies". Everything else has been replenished in the stock, too since FilKONtario - including some filk specific items not found anywhere else but my booth! (Okay, until Wednesday anyway... I'm going to put them up on the products page of Firefly Cargo Bay's secret stash)

So, yea me! All fangirl over going to another con! But I'm not neglecting the business, by any means. All orders that come in to FFCB will be processed the day I get back (Tuesday June 16) in the order in which they were received. Gotta keep flyin' after all!

Until next time:
"Hang on travelers"

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