Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are We There Yet?

In under 72 hours now I will be on my way to Geek Mecca! Yes, it's Dragon*Con time once again! *SQUEE!*

I'm very excited about all the secret shinys that will be previewed only at the Firefly Cargo Bay Booth in the BASEMENT of the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta this weekend. They're so new I don't even have them in Secret Stash yet! Naturally, there are the new buttons, but also at least 3 other items that have not been offered before.

OKAY! I can't wait! Here's a hint:

There- I feel better. And I didn't *say* anything! Oh, hey, I also have free Kaylee Strawberry Candies to give out, so, stop by for sure.

I'm packed, got my tickets and the shinys and pretties are already in the Marriott's storage locker. JUST GET ME THERE ALREADY!

Until next time:
"Don't usually see you two planetside"

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