Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cleared for Docking

Ni Hao!

Great news- I've gotten official word from the folks at Dragon*Con and I can announce that Firefly Cargo Bay has a home in the dealers' room on the BASEMENT LEVEL of the Marriott Marquis. We have a *little* better location than last year. That coupled with the fact that I have two tables this year instead of one should make it easier for all you shiny Browncoats (and other geeks that I love so much) to be able to find us.

What else do you want me to do? Draw you a map? Um..... Okay!

The "enter" highlighted in orange is the only way in and out of the dealers' room. (right at the base of the down escalator going to the VERY LOWEST LEVEL). You will find FFCB pointed out there in the first of the short rows.

As I said, I have 2 tables this year, and a banner with my logo and I'll have my parasol up that reads "Kaylee Parasols Sold Here" so you should be able to find me this year. When you do, be sure to say hi! I'll be there for most of the open hours.

You may have noticed that I have stressed that the dealers' room is on THE LOWEST LEVEL of the hotel on the BASEMENT floor several times now. That is for 2 reasons. First, the floor above us holds the two exhibitors' halls. They look very much like dealers' rooms and the same sorts of things go on there. Many folks told me last year they couldn't find my booth. Then we discovered that they were on the wrong floor and never made it down to the dealers' room at all. This brings up point number two- the elevator of the hotel doesn't go to the basement level. Really. Nice way to make it difficult for us, 'eh? So you have to get on the escalators and keep riding them down until you can go no further. Walk off that one, show your badge and enter the dealers' room.

I'll see you in 21 days! (*squee!*)

And speaking of squee worthiness, Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe is featuring the buttons I supplied her with as her August/September Free Give-Away!! These were the first button designs I worked with when I got my button making machine. Since then I have added lots more in each theme and more themes as well. These will all be at Dragon*Con as well, so come check them out there. They will also be up in the Secret Stash right around the time of, or shortly after Dragon*Con. Thanks to Ma Cobb for showing them off so beautifully!

So, hey, exciting stuff! But now I must get back to getting ready for my trip to Geek Mecca. Only three weeks away! See you there!

Until Next Time:
"Don't I usually stay with the ship?"

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