Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Quite Back, But Working Anyway

Ni Hao and Happy (almost) New Year!

I'm back at the ol' Cortex keyboard and working on getting Firefly Cargo Bay's line up of convention attendances going for 2010. As mentioned before, we are confirmed for Dragon*Con in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. Other possibilities are:

Norwescon 33 in Seattle April 1-4 (waiting on acceptance or not)
FKO Toronto April 9-11 (will have the filk related items at the interfilk bazaar, but not a separate FFCB booth)
Balticon Baltimore May 28-31 (awaiting response from organizers)
Confluence Pittsburgh July 23-25 (undecided if I'm attending again this year)
Dragon*Con Atlanta Sept 3-6 (we're SO there mei mei!)
SFContario Toronto November 19-21 (not applied yet, but will most likely have a full booth here of all the shinys)

That's all on the line up for now. I was going to attend Conflikt in Seattle at the end of January but my Permenant Resident card won't be renewed in time to leave the country- and be allowed back in!. I also scratched Orycon from the list although it pained me to do so. This has con has come highly recommended by some filkers who love it, but there aren't that many flights from here to there, and I'm having trouble working out the logistics. Plus, I found out that to get to the dealers' room, guests have to go outside the hotel to the exhibit hall. Going anywhere away from the con (even if it's at the far end of the hotel inside) doesn't bode well for dealer sales. I learned that the hard way at DucKon.

So, that's what's in the works at this point. Six is a good number and they are spaced out in time and local a bit, too. I'm thinking if I don't get in some places I'll add other cons to keep the number at six. I'd like to do more, but I haven't found that man from Gallifray to help get me and my stuff all the places I want to be!! (yes, I know, wrong fandom! But the TARDIS could get me to so many more cons than Serenity could-- even ones I've already missed!)

Now... you're up to date!

Until Next Time:
"I may not be a fancy gentleman like yourself, with your very fine hat. But I'm here for business."

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