Friday, February 5, 2010


Ni Hao!

I've been busy scanning the airline web pages trying to figure out the mystery that is best air fare rates. So far, I'm losing.

ANYWAY, I'm doing this because of the six cons I decided to work this year, I'm definitely in for four of them. The are, in timeline order...

Norwescon. I'm working this big con on my own, so if you're in the Seattle area and planning on attending, please be sure to stop by the booth! And bring food ;)

FilKONtario. My filk related merchandise will be in the interfilk bazaar being sold by the wonderful FKO volunteers. I'll be around the con itself actually taking part! Yea me!

Confluence. Returning to my home town with a full FFCB booth at this great con. Come to the 'Burgh and see all the new shinys I have!

Dragon*Con. Back for our 3rd big year! A full FFCB booth and the release of Browncoats:REDEMPTION Why would you *not* be there?!??! (psst: there will be more than a few shiny BC:R items available at the Firefly Cargo Bay booth in the Marriott dealers room-- BOTTOM floor!!!)

Also on tap, but not confirmed are Balticon with wonderful author GoH Tanya Huff. I should know by mid-March if they're letting me in the dealers' room. I'll post when I know for sure.

The last con of 2010 will be hopefully, SFContario. This is Toronto's newest scifi convention and looks very promising. They do have a music track and this should be of note to Browncoats in the area because we are working on (hush hush now--) BARDS WITHOUT BORDERS DEUX!!!!! That's right, ladies and menfolk, we're planning on getting the Bedlam Bards back through customs for music and mayhem! Hhmm.. and now that I've just broadwaved that I guess I really HAVE to make it happen now.... Well, I've never been known to be one not to overstep boundaries!


I have completed the sequel to my (I'm so proud) very popular Youtube video Motivated by Firefly and am thrilled to present Still Motivated by Firefly. Enjoy!

Until next time:
"Some people juggle geese!"


Alex said...

Even without an official announcement, all of the filkers up this way are excited about the possibility of you coming to SFContario. And Karen Linsley is one of the best performers in filkdom; she doesn't travel much but she's worth coming to see. Hope you can join us.

earthgirl said...

well, THEY might not think it's official, but I'm pretty much there! :)

I just need the paperwork that says so.