Friday, March 12, 2010

Bringing the Bards to Toronto

You may remember, this fall we have Bards Without Borders Deux coming up. Those crazy Bedlam Bards choose to live in Texas, which, as you know, is a long way from Toronto! It's going to take some considerable amounts of cashy money to pay the expenses to get them up here.

With that in mind, Firefly Cargo Bay will be holding monthly raffles in which you can win shiny shiny stuff not available anywhere else. And since today is my birthday, I decided to start the first one now!

Here's how it's going to work. If you'd like to enter the drawing, paypal the amount to paddison at kos dot net and you're in. Simply put "March Raffle" or Bards without Borders Draw" or something similar in the subject line or somewhere on the transaction. You need not give me postal information or anything other than your email and the amount. Please note that this raffle is being conducted IN CANADIAN FUNDS. Two weeks from today (Mar 26) I will take all the entered emails and draw one at random and that person wins. I *will not* be using these emails addresses for anything other than the draw- no worries of spamming here (I don't have time for that kinda crap anyway). I will contact the winner for mailing address and post here the results. Then in april we'll do it all over again with shiny new prizes.

I will verify receipt of the transaction via email and keep records of the accounts. The Bards Without Borders ledgers will be posted periodically, and will be available anytime on request. Any moneys raised that exceed the costs of bring the Bards back to town will be donated to Browncoats: REDEMPTION

Tickets cost 3 for $5.00, 10 for $10.00 and 30 for $25.00. Wanna know what's up first? How 'bout a set of Fruity Oaty Dolls!
This is a set of 3 hand made (and I mean HAND- I don't own a sewing machine!) rag dolls inspired by the wild commercial in "Serenity". No subliminal message comes with these dolls however. You do get a little foam Fruity Oaty Bar though! Each doll stands over 19" tall (from toes to top of head).

So what do you say? It's not mandatory, but these dolls could all be yours!