Thursday, March 18, 2010


Okay, get your squee-ing voices ready! I have just added the latest products to the page at Firefly Cargo Bay and they are gorram shiny, if I say so myself!

There are several QMx products there including the new Atlas of the Verse as well as the wave card sets, BDH poster sets, Bank Heist Money and there will be more official QMx items to come. Scan down the page to fin the header "QMX ITEM!" to find them all

Also new to the secret stash are items that can't be fond anywhere else. I've already shown you the cool, if somewhat creepy Fruity Oaty Dolls. Joining them is a new item I am absolutely thrilled about. These genuine leather wristbands are not available ANYWHERE ELSE. The designs are browncoat specific and are engraved right into the leather. They come in brown (with "Browncoat" and the independent emblem on it) and red (with "Serenity" and the chinese for serenity and an outline inspired by a very familiar ship)

Oh, there's also a second version of the serenity necklace that's been in the shop for a year or so. This one is a little more elegant, so I'm calling it the Companion Necklace.

Check out all the new shinys to be found in the secret stash!

Until next time:
"Oooh! Look at all the pretties!"

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