Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And We're In!

Got the call from the transport company today- the Firefly Cargo Bay items are on the US side and should be in Atlanta tomorrow! *sighs huge sigh of relief*

I am so worn out already, and I'm not even there yet!! All this hassle has left me feeling like the Reavers have had their way with me. But it all gets better from here,'eh? (I hope so anyway. Do you know the customs broker actually had *us* call the Hanes' manufacturing plant in Honduras to find out HOW *they* make their shirts?!?!?!) What we went through to get our stuff across can not be normal operations. It just can't be. No one would put up with that on a regular basis. What really kills me is two separate items. First, most of my suppliers are in the USA, so the stuff I got was already cleared to enter the country from other means before. And two, and this one hurts the most, The first customs broker was based in Detroit and after 3 days of answering his asinine questions we were passed to a broker in Buffalo. The one line in the email said, "textiles do not need to be cleared if coming across at the Buffalo station." or something like that. That didn't stop Buffalo guy from starting back at aquare one with all of the questions however.

ANYWAY! It's over and done with an me and my stuff WILL be at Dragon*Con- open for business in the Marriott Marquis International Ballroom starting at 1 pm on Friday. Come on by and say Ni Hao! (and if you leave us some cashy money that's okay too!)


Until next time:
"Do we even care? Are we caring about that now?"


joannabug said...

We must find a way to get together! How long will you be in Atlanta?

earthgirl said...

I arrive Thursday (and that is my most open day it seems) and I leave Tuesday morning (but Monday may be a little light as well). I'm staying at the Marriott, too.