Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Flyin'!

I got confirmation from Freeman that my crate of shiny stuff is indeed in their hands today and should be waiting for me when I arrive in Atlanta for Dragon*Con Thursday morning. (oh, hey, that's tomorrow!!)

I'm glad to have all my stuff there, for sure. But as a bonus for those of you attending, because of the whole customs debacle both FanGirl at FanDone and Geek2Chic custom tees shipped in extra goodies to fill the booth. THAT means-- tons and tons of pretties for the Browncoats who choose to peruse the dealer room! I hope we have room for it now! We'll hang it all from the ceiling if we have to!

Since I'm departing for the deep south later this night, I will not be on the cortex for about a week. Rest assured that all reports will be documented here-- I hope they're all good reports! (After the customs fight, I've earned them!)

Until next time:
"Anyone we walk away from, right? I call this a win!"

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