Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Update

Ni Hao!

Yes, I"m still flyin' out here! Been busy with little shiny things. I'm happy to say that orders to the Firefly Cargo Bay Secret Stash have been steady of late. Yea! And thanks to the shiny Browncoats who've been ordering. That's been keeping me occupied as is getting stuff ready for the 2009 Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity. Little shinys from FFCB will be in the goody bags that each movie goer receives and there are some one of a kind auction items also up for grabs there that came into their possession via me. Sadly, I myself will not be able to attend this year's screening. Big. Frowny. Face. So, hey, go in my place, will ya! And bring a friend, or two or three!

In other news, Dragon*Con has cashed my check for the dealers' room, so those tables are mine! Mine! All Mine! *ahem* sorry about that. No, wait, I'm not! *stupid grin*. I'm also starting to try and figure out the best way to get my stuff to DucKon. It's very mind consuming to try to get all your stuff to a show before you do. And allowing time for UPS to lose it (it doesn't hurt to have a contingency plan!) Fortunately, I do not have to worry about this when I head to Confluence in July, as I am driving to that one. (And please don't let the crappy web site, throw you- the con is going to be great!)

So, those and other little things have been keeping me bendy, I got the lights from the consul, lift me up, like little angels...

Until next time:
"Did (s)he just go crazy and fall asleep?"

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joannabug said...

Hurrah for DragonCon!!! Don't forget your favorite little browncoats. Or baby Jaynes. Or whatever you want to call them. ;-)