Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Flyin'

The phone rang early this morning and the call made me feel like a goof. It was the dealer liaison from Dragon*Con. You know, the one I pestered so relentlessly for a week when I was placed on the waiting list for spots there. Turns out all that drama was for naught.

Yes, ladies and menfolk, we have a job! There are two tables reserved for Firefly Cargo Bay in the dealers' room of the 2009 D*C. I don't have the location yet (I wasn't about to ask for it when he had just given me the spots- I'll wait for a while before I pester again).

So, YEA! Firefly Cargo Bay will be working the hall. You have NO idea how relieved this makes me. Or, maybe you do. Anyway... SQUEE!

Until next time:
"of course, it makes us a target for every other scavenger out there, but that can be fun too."


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased for you. When you posted that you didnt have any tables at all, I honestly felt awful for you. Felt the need to kick someone up the pegu for messing up like that.

Damn, this is very exiting. Congratulations. I bet you are over the moon

earthgirl said...

Over the moon? better than that- I'm out to the black! :)