Monday, October 19, 2009

Browncoats Beware!

I got this email from a customer who told what happened after he flew his Browncoat Independence Flag outside his home:
"We ran the flag up the pole and had a police officer visit to ask if it was a terrorist flag. As a terrorist expert that was a new one on me." ~P.C. Tuscon, ARIZONA. I, myself don't know what to make of that, but got a laugh out of it just the same.

In other news, I will be out in the Black at the end of the week attending OVFF and will be unable to process orders until I return on Tuesday (Oct 27). Please note that I will be filling orders up until and including Wednesday, and will even ship them from the States if I have to. All others will be processed as soon as I return, and in the the order they were received, as usual I'm-away-at-a-show procedure.

You may have noticed I said I was "attending" OVFF and not "working" it. Yep, I scheduled in a working vacation- just going to check out the show and see where I can spread my Browncoaty Goodness! Yea me.

So, stay shiny and keep flying all you wonderful Browncoats! See you in the world.

Until next time:
"I wasn't planning on any dirt-kissing, Sir."

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