Friday, April 23, 2010

This is What I'm Uncomprehending On...

I just reread my last post and can tell how whimsical in the brainpan I was. I said we'd reopen on Tuesday April 12, but was making the post on Monday April 12!! I meant Monday the 19th in the posting, but we're even past that point now! Gorram it!

Anyway! Mundane life sucks! Fandom rules! We're flyin' once again and slowly getting caught up after losing the entire month of April so far! All orders are being processed on time again and the back log is cleared. Thank you all for your understanding.

NOW! Norwescon!
Norwescon was Oh. So. Shiny. I was a little anxious about how I'd run such a large show on my own. Not a problem thanks to the wonderful con com and staff and volunteers. Seriously, it was the easiest show I've run in the 3 years I've been doing dealers' rooms! It was the first show with the full arsenal of buttons out and they were a huge hit. I will be restocking and maybe adding more (although I have over 100 designs already!) The shiny QMx products were available there too and I need to restock those as well. Thank you Seattle area Browncoats and sci fi fans for making Norwescon so enjoyable and worth the trip all the way across the continent! I plan to be back next year!

FilKontario was a surreal weekend for me, what with all the personal stuff going on. But I couldn't have been at a better place when this happened. Thank you again to my filk family for, well, just being you!

Okay, other updates...
The raffle of the Fruity Oaty Dolls got a great response when I posted it, with lots of people saying they wanted them. However, only ONE person actually entered the raffle! This actually worked out okay, because I discovered since then that there are legal issues in Ontario with running a raffle. It totally didn't serve the purpose of raising money to help offset the cost of the upcoming Bards Without Borders Duex, though. Ah well, the best laid plans, as they say....

So, now I'm catching up with the April stuff and looking forward to convention 3 of 6 for 2010: Balitcon!!! This is another one I'm running on my own, so it should prove to be interesting! More updates as I can get to them....!

Until next time:
"Wow, Simon. That was... historical."

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