Wednesday, March 19, 2008

According to the Gorram Plan....

Here is our tentative schedule of events and activities for "Bards Without Borders" - our Browncoat day at FilKONtario (April 5, 2008)

10 am -11 am: Q&A and autograph session with THE BEDLAM BARDS

11 am - 12 noon: Hypnotized by Firefly : Ever sail in a Firefly? Wanna? Go on a journey with your favourite spaceship crew using the power of your own mind. Experience the 'verse as only you can!

12 noon - 1 pm: Videos of the 'Verse Fan vids all on the Serenifly theme. Featuring the world premiere of "The Fisher Price LIttle People Version of Serenity"

1 pm - 2 pm: Concert by Bill Roper and filk One Shots

2 pm - 3 pm: Concert by Marilyn Miller and filk One Shots

3 pm - 3:15 pm BREATHER

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm: Concert by the Bedlam Bards and filk One Shots

4:15pm - 5:15 pm: Concert by vixy and Tony (this is the duo formerly knows as Escape Key-- that's right, THAT Escape Key that did "Mal's Song"!)

5:15 pm - 7 pm: Chow's in Ten - No Need to Dress. Gather with your fellow Browncoats for a meal. Nope, not standard protein in all colours of the rainbow- good old fashion Earth-That-Was pizza!

7 pm - 8 pm: TBA (I told you it was a tentative schedule!)

8 pm - 9 pm: Some People Juggle Geese! Try your hand at juggling the little baby geese. The one who can keep 'em flyin' the longest wins a prize! Not good at juggling? No worries- there's also "Toss-a-Gos" for those who would rather throw the fluffy little things! Prizes to be had!

9 pm- 10 pm: In the Company of Kin. How well do you know your fellow Browncoats? Find out when you team up and answer questions about each other's depth of fandom! Again, more with the prizes to be had!

10 pm - 11 pm: Never Again With Cows. Feedback time! This block is for you to tell us what we did right during the day and what we did ... not so right. Was it worth it? Should we do it again? What would you like to see for another event like this? Download all of it (gently- I bruise easily).

There it is - almost 13 hours of Browncoaty goodness awaiting your participation. Oh, and there's the Dealers' Room too (actually- it's in 2 rooms!) and it's running from 11 am to 5 pm as well.

So, again, I say What are you waiting for? As of this entry the con's only 16 days away!!! Get on over to and get yer self registered! It's gonna be Wacky Fun!

Until next time:
"Just once I'd like things to go according to the gorram plan."

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