Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Heard There Was an Idea Regarding Beagles?

With respect (but no apologies) to Adam Leavermore-Rich, I am now offering Black Market Beagle Bobbleheads for sale in the Firefly Cargo Bay. Each ceramic beagle is 4 inches and is hand painted - by me no less! They are offered wearing either a red collar with the Serenity disc or a bandanna in a Hawaiian print. At $8.00 (plus shipping) they really are a steal. Adopt one today! (questions/orders can be directed to me at )
Special thanks to FANGIRL (from FANDONE - link at the left over there) for finding these and seeing them in a Firefly way! And then telling *me* about them! How shiny is that?!

Until next time:
"They have smallish droppings, don't they?"

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