Monday, March 10, 2008

It's COMICal!

So there's this guy, see, and he draws cartoony stuff. And there's this other guy, see, and he writes insightful observances. Oh, and did I mention they're both Browncoats?

Adam Leavermore-Rich (of Black Market Beagle fame) and C. A. Bridges (of Serenity Stuff fame) have gotten together (via the power of the cortex) and come up with this great new comic. It's about a fan of a canceled science fiction show who takes on a new roommate. The roomie is a newbie to the world of fandom. Basically, I think Adam and Chris are spying on me to get their ideas.

Those of you who know me will back me up after reading this:
(click on image to enlarge to read easier.)

OKAY! Tell me that isn't just a little bit like me???? Where are those cameras hidden?????

Anyway, this is a new comic that can be seen here:
New editions come out every Monday and Friday, so check them out.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make some more products for my Firefly shop, continue planning the Browncoat min-con, and make sure I have all the things lined up for the scifi cons I'm going to attend this year.


Until next time:
"Did it just get hot in here? I need airflow."


Michelle said...

When did you cut your hair, get new glasses, become a man and oh ya....a comic strip character???? ROFLMAO!
Just a note to the new roomie - the neighbours can hear you scream but they won't do anything...we have gone to the 'other side'.......

earthgirl said...

you know- they CHANGED my appearance in the comic so I wouldn't catch on right away-- but I know what they're up to!